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Carl Wright

Carl is many things: an abstract sculptor, gallery owner who sells & leases artwork, and an article writer who writes about art & how-to articles for print and online publications. Carl Wright is an abstract sculptor who works in wood and stone to create sculptures that embody quiet beauty. His sculptural themes are shown in: the Motion Series, the Striving Series, the Music Series, and the Tranquil Series. His sculptures are a respite from the hurly-burly of modern life. His themes are meant to be an expression of tranquil, purposeful living.  Carl works in abstract sculpture since his themes are universal and do not need to be figural to express themselves. Figural sculpture would be too restrictive to express the sculptures’ message. Many of his sculptures have Japanese names which would be perfect for a Japanese Rock (Meditation) Garden. Through his gallery, WSG Gallery, he sells & leases his sculpture and Jody Wright’s paintings & prints nationwide. Jody paints portraits of loving, assertive women and the wonderful, loving spirit imbued in dogs.

Carl Wright has been a full-time artist for 22 years He has participated in three Public Art programs, received a Professional (Artist) Development Grant from the State of WV, and participated in juried museum shows. He is represented by three galleries: his gallery in Martinsburg, WV, one in Durham, North Carolina, one in Richmond, VA and several art consultants. His work resides in homes in Zug, Switzerland, Washington, DC, and Orlando, FL to name a few. One sculpture is in a large pharmaceutical corporate headquarters in Durham, NC.

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