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Jessa Gilbert

Jessa Gilbert is a visual Artist who uses painting as a primary means of articulating movement and action.  Her work focuses on using color, shape, and line to create a rhythm within each piece that emphasizes change.  She is always searching for different ways of representing motion similar to the ever-changing world.  The way in which objects and figures move through space and time is a great inspiration, and she is fascinated by the way one’s mind and eyes function to make sense of these things in motion.  Her work investigates a depiction of multiple moments coming together on the same plane at the same time. Jessa, originally from Red Hook, New York, graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Studio Art, Art History, and Sociology.  She currently lives and works in Burlington, Vermont.  Her work has been shown across the United States, notably in New York, Vermont, California, and Canada.

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