A Cutting Edge Modern and Pop Art Gallery

John Sollom

 The classic skateboarder paintings are a reflection of my youth. When I was a kid I would spend my days hanging out with friends skateboarding. Even back then I was doing art, painting skateboard decks and exchanging ideas with my skater artist friends. Revisiting those memories has inspired my most recent paintings. And yes both the skater series and the Mesa series I am turning back the clock.

Most of the paintings are diptychs. I love how the compositions can change by turning a painting upside down or adding something totally arbitrary to the work.  It could be graphic type or a rad skateboarder doing an insane trick. There are few rules in my process. I play with the juxtaposition in the work by pushing and pulling the materials.  It’s the cropping of the imagery, marrying of the compositions, and stacking unrelated paintings that keep the work interesting. I enjoy this kind of painting because it is reminiscent of how I work with assemblage.

I love the interchangeable relationships that can create something cohesive but also present multiple visual passages for the viewer.  The loosely painted subjects within my compositions incorporate pop art, minimalism, and abstraction.

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