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Roxanna Maria

Over the last 20 years of her sculpting career  Roxanna Maria has mainly been a self taught artist. She has taken workshops with reknown artists Lewis Goldstein, Jack Johnston and most recently Mark Dennis. She is inspired primarily by two of her favorite artists, Alberto Vargas and Ron Muick, and aspires to have her work be as inspiring as theirs. Alberto Vargas is well known for his realistic paintings of famous 1950’s pin-up women which he painted for Playboy. And Australian artist Ron Muick works in creating realistic life size sculptures made out of silicone. She admires both of their outstanding work and their impeccable attention to detail. Roxanna Maria feels that there are significant moments in everyone’s life that deserve to be captured and she is passionate about displaying those moments through her art work. When done well the emotions, personalities and sentiments shine through her created pieces. While Roxanna appreciates every aspect of art, her specialties are character figures and individual portrait sculptures. She has enjoyed exploring the many realms of what the creative mind can offer. The range of her pieces vary from newborn babies to Hollywood celebrities to fantasy wizards. She never knows where the ideas come from as she sits down to sculpt and before she knows it she has a unique piece that has come to life! Her love for the creations she makes has given her great pleasures in her life and has even preserved some great memories. She considers it an honor and a pleasure to sculpt for you and create your fantasy or preserve that significant moment in your life. Today Roxanna Maria resides in San Diego, California and continues her artistry in the creation of one of a kind dolls. Roxanna’s work has been featured in national and international publications such as Art Doll Quarterly, Pretty Toys Magazine, Doll Reader, Contemporary Doll Magazine, Doll Making, Doll Collector and more. Roxanna Maria Sullivan is a member of The Sandiego Sculptors Guild and Spanish Village located in Balboa Park San Diego California.

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