A Cutting Edge Modern and Pop Art Gallery

Sharon Sieben

After retiring from a career in Manufacturing Operations management, I am still trying to find myself. It’s all in the search!! I’m a Hoosier by birth and was educated in Indiana but, after two years of college, circumstances transplanted me into several locations with the last dozen years being in the beautiful state of Arizona. Growing up I wanted to be a classical pianist. Although I did like to draw and paint I never particularly wanted to be an artist until I became concerned with what to do after retirement (there is no such thing as retirement!). So I bought canvas, paint, charcoal, paper, etc.etc. (it’s almost as much fun to shop for art supplies as it is to paint) and the rest is history. It seems that if I am not painting, I am thinking about what I will paint next. I believe that I always wanted to do this and I also believe “there is a time and place for everything under the sun”. The time for me to paint is NOW and I find myself loving every minute of it! You can’t live in Arizona without learning about the colorful Mexican Celebration, Dia de Los Muertos. (Day of the Dead) It’s a festive time that honors departed family members. For some reason I began to view the theme as Skeletons who were “Celebrating Life” and started painting Flamenco Dancers, Mariachi, Bullfighters, etc. Later I migrated from the Hispanic themes to include break dancers, surfers, motorcycle riders and other characters. People began to suggest that I paint famous subjects…..so along came Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Norman Rockwell among others to join the “Celebrity Icon” collection.

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