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Shannon Mulvaney

Shannon Mulvaney is a native Southern Californian artist of American Irish descent. She has lived in Southern Californian her entire life and is a high school teacher who has lived and taught inner city school teenagers in Long Beach for the past 20 years. As an Industrial Arts major from CSULB, she has taught and mentored her students on several subjects over the years, Architecture, Engineering, Graphic Arts and Photography. Shannon’ s interest in Mosaic artwork started in 2005, when her mother introduced her to tile art and taught her the basics of Mosaic Tiling on ceramics and small objects. Her passion for mosaic work grew and in 2012 and she decided to move into larger format, her first focus being a colorful piece with a “Dia De Los Muertos” influence. This influence came from the artists lifetime interest and passion of Mexican/Hispanic culture. The challenge in creating a mosaic with vibrant color and Hispanic influence, lead her to the use of recycled skull bottles as a main medium to tile on. Shannon now creates a variety of mosaic skulls and print work of her tile artwork, as well as custom themed skulls of any influence or culture. She is very inspired by everyday life that surrounds her when she creates her skulls and other mosaic work; you will see her passion in vibrant hand painted color tiles that she works with. The colorful choice of tiles that the artist selects enhances both her photography and color prints of her mosaic work. Shannon’s ultimate goal in sharing her work is her love of color, her love of mosaic art, and to bring joy to herself and others through her artwork.

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